​​TCRR Outdoor Tournament Rules

Photos from our tournament August 1st are all posted on our Facebook page Tripp County Range Robins JOAD & some are even posted on this website under JOAD Photos be sure to check them out tell your friends, like and share them!

You will be broke into divisions based on whether you shoot a compound, recurve, basic compound, or barebow, your age and gender. 

Compound - Any compound that isn't considered to be in the Basic Compound division.

Recurve - Any recurve that ins't considered to be in the Barebow division.

Barebow - no sights & the riser/limbs must fit through a 10cm ring w/ all accessories attached.

Basic Compound - A bow where the draw is mechanically varied by a system of pulleys or cams with no draw stop. Maximum draw weight will be 20lbs. No sight, stabilizer, peep or kisser button, and shot only with fingers (glove, tab or bare fingers) are allowed. An arrow rest will be permitted.

You can read the complete rule book by clicking the green button on the right in the blue box.  

These are the main rules we will be checking for.

Max arrow diameter of 9.3mm

Name/initials on arrow shaft
Max draw weight of 60lbs

No electronics may be mounted on the bow or release aid. - This includes sight lights, watches, etc.

No camo clothing

Junior Olympic archery development

Tripp County Range Robins JOAd & adult archery club

Use this to help you figure out your age division.

This sheet also tells you the size of target & distance you will be shooting for your division.