Missing an Arrow? They might be inside the club house!

Check our lost and found box any night our facility is open to the public and see if anyone has turned in your missing arrow or arrows.

Find Tripp County Range Robins JOAD at www.rargc.org/tcrr and Facebook @trippcountyrangerobinsjoad

TCRR JOAD Schedule
We are shooting Tuesdays at 7pm @ the RARGC. Please be ready to shoot, bows setup and targets hung before then. October 27th will be an indoor pin shoot at 7pm.

Also, the NFAA Indoor National Championship that is normally held in Louisville, KY is going Virtual for the 2020 Indoor National Championships. I will know more after October 30th, like where the locations will be, shooting line times and whether or not it will still be a two day event. I just wanted to let you know. As of now I will be able to take some archers. If it is a two day event and we have interest in it, I will need to know in order to get motel rooms lined up. This is the last 2020 indoor tournament. The 2021 season will start in January.

I will be sending out email and text reminders if any date changes or cancellations occur. I will also be sending out notices for upcoming events that you may want to attend.

Junior Olympic archery development

Tripp County Range Robins JOAD 

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