Our outdoor ranges are located next to our facility. Our archery range has targets set at 30, 40, and 50 yards, as well as movable targets that can be rolled outside and shot. The outdoor gun range has a max distance of 50yds and target hangers in the trap shed. All targets and objects are owned by the club. The range fee helps to maintain the range and targets. Fees are posted and are paid at the time you come to shoot at the RARG Club to a board member.

Public (non-member) shooting is available at the outdoor range for a nominal $4.00 fee per person. A RARG Club board member is available at that time to answer questions and assist shooters. NOTICE: You must have a member present when you are shooting or you are trespassing!

Our indoor range can accommodate either small bore (.22) rifle/pistol or archery.  It has 6 gun lanes or 12 archery lanes with a 20 yard range. There are  rolling target tables for archery that can be set at shorter distances which gives shooters the ability to shoot from 5-20 yards indoors. We also have 3-D targets and conventional paper targets. Members can access the range 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the secure key code.

Public (non-member) shooting is available at the indoor range FRIDAY NIGHTS for a nominal $4.00 fee per person. An RARGC board member is available at that time to answer questions and assist shooters.

Indoor range

Range Schedules

Sundays- 2pm to 5pm -- Open Trap

Mondays- 6pm to 9pm -- Nothing Scheduled

Tuesdays- Nothing Scheduled

Wednesdays- ​Nothing Scheduled

Thursdays- 7 pm to 10pm -- Open FAST DRAW

Fridays- 5pm to 6:30pm -- JOAD

               7pm to 9pm -- Open Archery


Open- Is open to the public to shoot. 

           Non Members will have a $5 fee.

Trap shooting range 

 Our trap shoot range is located next to our outdoor range. There is open Trap shooting on Sunday afternoons at 2:00.  Members shoot for $3.00 per round and non-member can shoot for $4.00 per round.  4-H Trap is on Monday nights at 6:00. 

outdoor range

Welcome to our Gun & Archery Club

Our club was established in the 1960's & is a non-profit service organization dedicated to the promotion, expression, enjoyment and education of all indoor and outdoor sports including Small Bore Rifle/Pistol, Archery, Quick Draw, and Trap Shooting.