Missing an Arrow? They might be inside the club house!

Check our lost and found box any night our facility is open to the public and see if anyone has turned in your missing arrow or arrows.

Find Tripp County Range Robins JOAD at www.rargc.org/tcrr and Facebook @trippcountyrangerobinsjoad

TCRR JOAD Schedule
As of 8-30-21 we are shooting Tuesdays & Fridays at 6:00pm @ the RARGC. Please be ready to shoot, bows setup and targets hung before then.

Few dates to remember
October 22nd @ 9:15pm is the Pheasants Forever Banquet at the middle school gym. We usually help with tear down and earn some money in return.

October 24th @ 1:00pm is the last outdoor pin shoot we will have two lines one at 2pm and another right after that line.

November 8th is 4-H SS recognition

November 9th is TCRR JOAD & AAC Awards Night @ 7pm

November 10th is TCRR JOAD & AAC Annual Meeting 7 pm

November 27th is the Parade of Lights depending on weather we will either set up some on the 26th or all on the 27th. We will set a specific time when it gets closer.

I will be sending out text reminders if any date changes or cancellations occur. I will also be sending out notices for upcoming events that you may want to attend.

Junior Olympic archery development

Traveling to tournaments?

There are a few ways you can get some funding

help. Some of these like TCRR, SDAA, TC 4-H you need to be a member of that organization to be eligible. If you are interested in one or multiple of these organizations and want more info let one us know.



3. TC 4-H Foundation


Tripp County Range Robins JOAD & Adult Archery Club

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