November 4th 2019

 Our meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. In attendance were:  President Tom Sell, Secretary Carmen Baker, Treasurer Ray Neyens, , Mark Hansen, John & Tammy Harter, John Janecke, Larry Sargent, Tim Pravecek, Roger Nagel and Wade McClanahan.

Paid Memberships: 67   Paid Sponsor Banners: 16


 JOAD is having practices on Fridays at 5pm. 

The Halloween Archery shoot for the kids went great.  There was 12 to 15 kids in attendance.  Thanks Wade for all of your hard work making it a fun filled shoot.

Wade is going to have the Last Chance Archery Draw Board fixed.

Wednesday is for the Ladies

Currently there are a couple of ladies who are practicing their .22 pistol skills at 5pm until about 7pm.

John H will hopefully start up an open ladies night sometime in January.


Trap is over the winter.  Tim, Ray and Mark are going to finish up some maintenance on trap house later.

Fast Draw

Fast Draw shoots are still throwing wax on Thursdays at 7pm

The monies raised from the Fast Draw shoot months back will be used to become member of the CFDA.  Also one of the new timers does not work correctly and John H will have it fixed.

.22 Pistol Tuesdays

.22 Indoor Pistol will be starting back up in January

The JOAD/4H kids would like to have a float showcasing RARGC, JOAD & 4H Shooting Sports in the parade of lights November 30th.  Tim P is going to bring a trailer and his generator. They will build it on the 30th.  Some help/items for the float may be needed. Thanks

It was voted on and approved to give Wade McC a sponsorship from the club  for $150.00.  He will have the clubs’ logo on his clothing and use #tags to promote RARGC.

On a sadder note, long time club member Neil Farley passed away and it was decided to send the family $100 in memorial monies.  Also, Tim will send Mary Whitley a sympathy card for the passing of her father.

Just something to think about for the future.  Tim P proposed fixing up the trap shed.  Pouring concrete for the floor. 

Duane Can Borrow Fast Draw Targets out of the trap shed. 

 Heater in the bathroom is really noisy.  Ray will have someone check it out.

Both JOAD and 4H have paid their 2019 building use fees for the year.

Patches with the RARGC logo was discussed.  John J has been checking into prices. He found a place that can make 100 for $385.00.   John J is going to get a sample of the patches he can order from Mitchell  Tammy H brought in an example of the patches she can make.  A small patch would be $8/per and one with the blue circle filled in would be  $13/per.  Also, she can embroider directly onto items.  Larger trap (25 straight ect) would be $14 or smaller ones would be $50.  Tammy can make patches as needed so large quantiles would not need to be ordered.


Members are encouraged to carry their membership card with them.  The club has exclusive use of the pistol range when the police department is not using it.  Anyone should be able to use the pistol range when it is a club sponsored event.

We forgot to discuss this membership addendum.  We will at next meeting, sorry

Recently it has been asked if the club could prorate memberships for people wanting to join later in the year.  This is the proposed policy:

            Only level 2 Memberships can be prorated.  Basic memberships can NOT be prorated.

            Only memberships after September 1st of the year can be prorated.

            It will be $10.00 a month (effective 1st of the month) plus next years level 2 dues.

            Membership calendar year starts January 1st.  We do not change locks until February’s meeting so there is a one                                     month grace period to get your dues paid.

For example:  If some one would like to have a Level 2 membership on Oct 20th.  It would cost them $30.00 ($10/per month thru December) plus $100.00 for the upcoming year.  For a total of $130.00 plus $25.00 for spouse. 


Joanie you did it again, your snacks are the best, I think some people come to the meetings just to have them.


Next Meeting December 2nd  @ 7:00pmType your paragraph here.

​​2020 is Here!!!!

Become a member before

the first Monday of Feburary 2020!

The Basic Membership of $50.00 gives you member opportunities, voting rights, discounts, NRA insurance and a monthly newsletter.
The Upper Level Membership, consisting of the Basic Membership of $50.00 and the Upper Level Membership of $50.00, for a total of $100.00, also gives the benefits of Basic Membership plus the electronic code to the door of the Rosebud Arrow, Rod and Gun Club facility.
A spouse is an additional $25.00, who also gets the benefits of a Basic Membership. If you are an Upper Level Member, your spouse can also have the combination to the door.
If you are a member, your children 18 & under shoot free!

The Upper Level Membership grants you 24/7 access to the indoor range, which is accessed with a security key code. Members that allow non-members to shoot without paying the nominal $4.00 fee will result in loss of access to security key code. Membership also grants access to the outdoor range. The outdoor range is open to members 24/7 except for the winter months due to equipment upkeep.  If you are not a member you are trespassing unless a member is present.

basic Membership (no code)----$50.00

upper level membership (w/security code)------$100.00

Spouse/significant other------------$25.00

membership info