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June 3rd  2019

 Our meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. In attendance were:   President: Tom Sell, , Secretary Carmen Baker, Treasurer Ray Neyens, John Janecke, and Bob Daughters

Paid Memberships: 64   Paid Sponsor Banners: 14

FAST DRAW  is still shooting on Thursday evening at 7 pm.  Roger says they are going to continue practicing through the summer so they can attend some shoots.

ARCHERY Don is opening on Fridays for open archery at 7:00pm.

3D Archery shoot was tabled until next meeting

4-H  4H Trap will be shooting Monday evenings and 4H Muzzleloader will practice on Thursdays @ 6pm

Indoor .22 Pistol Open .22 Pistol is finished for the summer.

TRAP  Open Trap is shooting Sundays at 2:00

It was discussed and agreed upon that the HS trap can shoot Annie Oakley rounds without paying range fees because they are using “pickup” clays.  Good luck Winner Area Trap team at your state event in Aberdeen this weekend.

A Trap shoot for Labor Day weekend was discussed and tabled until later.

JOAD  is practicing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 6 pm

Enhanced Concealed Carry Course. Is set for August 10th & 11th. For more info contact Jake  515-3381 or John 815 670 8907

PF Youth Outdoor Day is set for August 17th.

Range Expansion Report  John J has been in contact with GFP and has received permission to clean up at McLaughlin Lake.  He has been out there mowing and marking distances.  He also brought some suggested targets that can be used out there.  They are light weight and can be easily packed in and out, because items can not be left out there.

Other Things: 

Thank You Ray for mowing.

Check out our website WWW.RARGC.ORG Wade has a very updated Club Calendar and has been working hard on the JOAD and other pages. Thanks Wade

Club voted on last meeting to buy 4 tables at $15 a piece.  Roger N will be picking them up.

The club is ordering T-Shirts with the club logo on them.  They will be grey with the logo on the back.  The cost of the shirts will be $12 each.  Due to ordering problems the t-shirts have not been ordered yet.  So, you still have time to place your order. We will have them before the PF Youth Outdoor Day.  It is encouraged that RARGC members helping with this event wear them.

Thanks Joanie, for the cookies

Next Meeting July 1st  @ 7:00

The Basic Membership of $50.00 gives you member opportunities, voting rights, discounts, NRA insurance and a monthly newsletter.
The Upper Level Membership, consisting of the Basic Membership of $50.00 and the Upper Level Membership of $50.00, for a total of $100.00, also gives the benefits of Basic Membership plus the electronic code to the door of the Rosebud Arrow, Rod and Gun Club facility.
A spouse is an additional $25.00, who also gets the benefits of a Basic Membership. If you are an Upper Level Member, your spouse can also have the combination to the door.
If you are a member, your children 18 & under shoot free!

Membership grants you 24/7 access to the indoor range, which is accessed with a security key code. Members that allow non-members to shoot without paying the nominal $4.00 fee will result in loss of access to security key code. Membership also grants access to the outdoor range. The outdoor range is open to members 24/7 except for the winter months due to equipment upkeep.  

basic Membership (no code)----$50.00

upper level membership (w/security code)------$100.00

Spouse/significant other------------$25.00

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