April 1st 2019

 Our meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. In attendance were:   President: Tom Sell, Vice President Rod Clark, Secretary Carmen Baker, Treasurer Ray Neyens, Mark Hanson, Roger Nagel, Don Sund, Bob Daughters, Duane Schmidt, Jake Handcock, John Janecke, Larry Sargent

Paid Memberships: 62

Paid Sponsor Banners: 10

FAST DRAW  is still shooting on Thursday evening at 7 pm.  Roger says they are going to continue practicing through the summer so they can attend some shoots.

ARCHERY Don is opening on Fridays for open archery at 7:00pm.

3D Shoot held March 23rd and 24th went very well.  There were 40 paid shoots between the two days.  Thank you to everyone who donated time setting up, working the shoot, tearing down and donating items.  A big thanks goes out to High Plains Truck & Trailer, Grossenburg Imp, and Dan Pravecek for equipment and items lent to us to make our shoot a great success.


4-H .22 rifle/pistil is using the building on Thursdays from 4 pm to 7 pm and also on Sundays from 2pm until 8pm or so.  4H will be ending the last week of April when they have their State shoot in Pierre.

4-H Archery will be using the range Mondays @ 6pm

Indoor .22 Pistol Open .22 Pistol is shooting Thursday nights at 7pm

LADIES .22 SHOOTING is over for now.  Next newsletter I am hoping to get a recap from John H on how it went and how many ladies participated.

TRAP  will start next Sunday@ 2 pm if the weather is nice.

HS Trap started March 27th and they shoot Wednesdays @ 5:30pm through April then will be switching to Mondays in May.  There are 20 kids signed up.

4H Trap will Start May 13th.

The club purchased 3 pallets for clay from Garys Gun Shop.  The first pallet is tentatively set for delivery on April 16th.

JOAD hopes to start back up in May sometime

Other Things: 

Target Prices: Archery -- $.50 for new targets, Rifle/Pistol -- $.25

It was decided not to purchased Shotgun patches with the clubs name on it at this time


Tripp County Air Rifle Team Competes
Participants from the Tripp County 4-H air rifle team travelled to Pierre today to compete in the NRA Indoor National Championships South Dakota 3-Position Air rifle Sectional held at the Izaak Walton Youth Center. The match was sponsored and ran by the Pierre Junior Shooting Club and the Hughes County Sharpshooters. Tripp County shooters competed under the banner of the Rosebud Arrow, Rod &Gun Club. This was our shooters first foray outside the 4-H air rifle world. The match consisted of 20 shots prone, 20 shots offhand and 20 shots kneeling, twice as many shots as they were used to. Our shooters were broken down into two 4-person teams consisting of 1 Intermediate Junior team and 1 Sub Junior team. The Intermediate Junior team members were Tane Pravacek, Parker Baker, Ryan Sell and Clay Sell, with Tane being designated Team Captain and Ryan being placed as team coach. The Sub Junior team members were Selah Harris, Bailey Fairbanks, Miranda Fisher and Deborah Harris, with Selah taking the team captain position and Bailey assuming the team coaching duties. Individual scores and placing were as follows:
Intermediate Juniors
   Parker Baker- 485 6x for 11th place
   Clay Sell- 476 3x for 15th place
   Ryan Sell- 462 5x for 17th place
   Tane Pravacek- 442 7x for 19th place
Sub Juniors
   Miranda Fisher- 407 1x for 22nd place
   Deborah Harris- 391 1x for 23rd place
   Bailey Fairbanks- 391 4x for 24th place
   Selah Harris- 373 1x for 25th place

Team scores for the match were as follows:
#1st place- Pierre 1- 2106 55x
#2nd place- Humboldt Sharpshooters 1- 1995 33x
#3rd place- Pierre 2- 1970 36x
#4th place- RARGC Intermediate- 1865 21x
#5th place- Humboldt Sharpshooters 2- 1809 20x
#6th place- RARGC Sub Juniors- 1562 7x

membership info


  Address:____________________________________________________________________   ____________________________________________________________________________



  E-mail: (Save a stamp for the Club)_______________________________________________

  Basic membership #1 (every member must pay this)                $50.00 :___________

  Upper Level Membership #2 (Includes door code)                $50.00 : ___________

  Spouse/Significant Other                                                          $25.00 : ___________

  Checks payable to RARGC                                                           TOTAL: ___________

  I do not have any felony convictions or mental health issues that prevent me (or my          spouse/significant other) from legally being able to own or carry a firearm.


basic Membership (no code)----$50.00

upper level membership (w/security code)------$100.00

Spouse/significant other------------$25.00

The Basic Membership of $50.00 gives you member opportunities, voting rights, discounts, NRA insurance and a monthly newsletter.
The Upper Level Membership, consisting of the Basic Membership of $50.00 and the Upper Level Membership of $50.00, for a total of $100.00, also gives the benefits of Basic Membership plus the electronic code to the door of the Rosebud Arrow, Rod and Gun Club facility.
A spouse is an additional $25.00, who also gets the benefits of a Basic Membership. If you are an Upper Level Member, your spouse can also have the combination to the door.
If you are a member, your children 18 & under shoot free!

Membership grants you 24/7 access to the indoor range, which is accessed with a security key code. Members that allow non-members to shoot without paying the nominal $4.00 fee will result in loss of access to security key code. Membership also grants access to the outdoor range. The outdoor range is open to members 24/7 except for the winter months due to equipment upkeep.