February 3rd  2020
Our meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. In attendance were:  President Tom Sell, Secretary Carmen Baker, Treasurer Ray Neyens, Mark Hansen, Bob Daughters, John Harter, Tammy Harter, Roger Nagel, Larry Sargent, and John Janecke, Larry Sargent, Don Sund, Wade McClanahan, Dave Robbins, Duane Schmidt.

A meeting to discuss the RARGC annual Indoor 3D shoot will be held at the club house on February 14th at 7pm.

The vote on the amendments to the club’s By-laws was tabled until next meeting.  Some additional items were discussed and will be voted on and added next meeting.  Some of the edits to the by-laws and schedules are: Youth under 18 need to have approved safety training before using the ranges, Trap Fees will be $3 for youth under 17 or are on the 4H or HS trap teams, $4 for members, and $5 for non-members. 

Current Board Members were voted back into office.  New board member positions were voted on and are as follows: Chief Instructor – Trap is Dave Robbins, Chief Instructor – Archery is Don Sund, and Chief Instructor – Gun is John Harter.  There was no vote on Executive Officer until the nominee agrees to the position. This vote will take place at the March meeting.

Dave R is going to check with Runnings and Jeff’s to see what prices on clay targets are going to be this year.

HS Trap starts the last Sunday of March.

If anyone would like to order patches from Tammy, they are pictured on the RARGC website under Club Merch and please contact Tammy to order them.

Discussion was held on club members wanting to become Certified NRA Pistol/Rifle instructors.  Tom Sell and John Harter are going to check on getting someone to come here (if we have enough interest) and do the training.  Please get ahold of either one of them if you have interest in this. 

LADIES!! Ladies nights with John Harter has begun.  They are shooting Wednesday nights at 5pm and at 7pm

Next meeting: March 2nd  @ 7 pm

[Range Schedules: Sunday .22 Rifle 4-H 2pm-6pm Monday 4-H Archery 6pm-8pm Tuesday Open .22 Pistol 7pm – 9pm Wednesday Ladies Pistol 5pm -9 pm Thursday 4-H .22 Pistol/Rifle 4pm – 7pm Thursday Fast Draw 7pm – 10 pm Friday Open Archery 6:30pm – 9pm]

The Printable Membership Form is also fillable online. Just click on the blue button, clink where you need to type in information (the fillable text fields are there just aren't visible on here) and then printout your form sign & mail it to us with your payment.

Not a member after September 1st and want 

to join we have a prorated membership.

At $10 a month starting on the month you join

+1 full year membership at $100, Spouse addition $25.

The Basic Membership of $50.00 gives you member opportunities, voting rights, discounts, NRA insurance and a monthly newsletter.
The Upper Level Membership, consisting of the Basic Membership of $50.00 and the Upper Level Membership of $50.00, for a total of $100.00, also gives the benefits of Basic Membership plus the electronic code to the door of the Rosebud Arrow, Rod and Gun Club facility.
A spouse is an additional $25.00, who also gets the benefits of a Basic Membership. If you are an Upper Level Member, your spouse can also have the combination to the door.
If you are a member, your children 18 & under shoot free!

The Upper Level Membership grants you 24/7 access to the indoor range, which is accessed with a security key code. Members that allow non-members to shoot without paying the nominal $4.00 fee will result in loss of access to security key code. Membership also grants access to the outdoor range. The outdoor range is open to members 24/7 except for the winter months due to equipment upkeep.  If you are not a member you are trespassing unless a member is present.

basic Membership (no code)----$50.00

upper level membership (w/security code)------$100.00

Spouse/significant other------------$25.00

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