Open Pistol - Tuesdays at 7pm.


Allowed Calibers for the indoor range

.22 Rifles & Pistols Allowed

.22 Hollow Point

.25 acp

.30 & Super Carry






.44 Special


Currently not Allowed Calibers for the indoor range

Magnums, Rifle Caliber Pistols



Hollow Points larger than .22 (they make holes in the target backer faster than a solid round)

Wade McClanahan building the Steel Challenge shooting boxes and steel target stands. Wade also made 5 steel target bases and 5 steel target caps (not shown). So we would have the ability to set up two stages if we wanted.

Our indoor gun range has a new target backer! Wade McClanahan, Austin Wheadon & Don Sund helped build it. The new target backer uses thumb tacks to hang your targets. If you have used the old hanger we feel you will find this much easier to adjust your target to your preferred hight the new backer also better contrast for precision shooting. We have a plentiful amount of shooting bags to bench rest and sight in guns. Eye and Hearing protection is Mandatory! For insurance purposes we only allow .22LR and smaller caliber in our indoor range.

Our outdoor pistol range has a max distance of 50yds.
We have target hangers for use in the trap shed.
NOTICE: You must have a member present when you are shooting or you are trespassing!

We are doing a trial of allowing larger caliber pistols to be shoot in our indoor range so if you would like to come down and practice we have Open Pistol on Tuesdays @ 7pm in the Indoor range. Bring your own ammo, come down and shoot. Practice up your sharpshooter skills. Everyone is Welcome! See below for currently allowed calibers.