Wade McClanahan builds the movable target stands for the round archery targets.

Wade McClanahan, Parker Baker and Sophia Lewis put up new archery backstop netting in the range.

The old netting was originally for Fast Draw and archery kinda just adopted it. With new faster bows, arrows would pass through and the ends where unraveling. Arrows that passed through on the bullet trap side became completely destroyed. With help from a grant RARGC purchased a new Archery Netting, and supplies to make it slide in and out with ease for use.

Ground Quivers

Our indoor range consists of Morrell M48 targets & is 20 yds long and has 20 shooting lanes.

Our outdoor range has three permanent Morrell Outdoor XXL targets placed 10 yds apart with a max range of 50yd and farther from our parking lot. In Jan 2019 RARGC purchased 4, 122cm American Whitetail targets through a grant. These 4 targets can be placed at varying distances. We can accommodate up to 28 archers with the 7 targets. NOTICE: You must have a member present when you are shooting or you are trespassing!

Open Archery - Fridays at 7pm

Archery is a year round sport whether its for an indoor or outdoor tournament, hunting, or just recreational shooting with friends and family. You can bring your own bow or shoot one of the clubs bows. Come better your skills as an archer.

Want to try archery, RARGC has certified instructors to help you shoot your first arrow! or

Check out our local JOAD Club.

RARGC owns a Last Chance bow press and paper tuner, so you can fine tune your bow for best performance & be ready for your next tournament or hunt.

Click here to see pictures from our 2019 Indoor, Outdoor 3D Shoots & Halloween Fun Shoot.

Missing an Arrow? They might be inside the club house!

Check our lost and found box any night our facility is open to the public and see if anyone has turned in your missing arrow or arrows.