​​JOAD is a program of USA Archery that is designed to teach archery to students during weekly sessions; taught by certified archery instructors/coaches. Both recurve and compound bows are used in the weekly sessions and tournaments. JOAD is open to any youth and adult archers ages 8-20 years old and is designed to grow with the archer. Introductory JOAD classes teach the fundamentals of proper shooting form and as the archer develops they will learn more advanced techniques. Whether a student is interested is purely recreational or an Olympic, Paralympics, or World Championship dreams. The JOAD program is tailored to help young archers reach their goals.

Tripp County Range Robins JOAD was started in 2013 by Brad and Mary Whitley, Level 2 USA Archery Instructors with 16 shooters. In 2020 we had 12 shooters, 2 Level 1 Instructors, 4 Level 2 Instructors & 1 Level 3 Coach & 1 Level 1 USA Archery Judge. The original thought was to keep archers shooting once 4-H was done so they don’t have to start at square one again with a returning archer since they haven't shot for 1/2 a year and forgot what what they learned in the previous year. We now shoot year round and are taking steps to make some of the best archers we can through teaching journaling, video analysis, training programs, tuning, equipment repair, event rules & more. In 2020 we hosted our first tournament, became affiliated with our State NFAA organization, and added the adult archery program.

Tripp County Range Robins JOAD & Adult Archery Club

Our Instructors/Coaches are

Level 5 Coaches:

Level 4 Coaches:

​Level 3 Coaches:

  • Wade McClanahan

Level 2 Instructors:

  • Brad Whitley
  • Mary Whitley
  • Tim Pravecek
  • Tom Sell
  • Jean Clark
  • ​Rod Clark

Level 1 Instructors:

  • Don Sund
  • George Clark

Find Tripp County Range Robins JOAD at www.rargc.org/tcrr and Facebook @trippcountyrangerobinsjoad

Junior Olympic archery development