Restaurants, Lounges, Bars & Catering

The Black Lab Bar
Owner: Buck Jedlicki
306 S Main St
PO Box 1686
Winner, SD 57580
Phone: 605-842-3003

El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant
Owner: Efrain Lopez
1386 E Hwy 44
Winner, SD 57580
Phone: 605-842-2510

Elks Lodge #2084 & Club
406 S Main St
PO Box 452
Winner, SD 57580
Phone: 605-840-4837

Frontier Bar LLC
Owners: Kelly & Jen Dougherty
207 Main St
PO Box 318
Colome, SD 57580

Homesteader II
Owner: Joe Nguyen
117 E 3rd St
PO Box 408
Winner, SD 57580
Phone: 605-842-1400

Karla’s Last Kall
Owner: Karla Ryno
28288 SD Hwy 44
Wood, SD 57585
Phone: 605-452-3400

Owner: Dale Porter
District Manager: Dick Krantz
Store Manager: Dustin DeSersa
526 E. 2nd St
Winner, SD 57580
Phone: 605-842-1770

Pheasant Bar
Owner: Sandy Hall
218 S Main St
Winner, SD 57580
Phone: 605-842-9923

Smokin’ Barrels
Owner- Will Calkins
31671 SD Hwy 44
Winner, SD 57580
Phone: 605-842-0285

Smoking Bull BBQ
Owner: Clayton Moore
PO Box 162
Kennebec, SD 57544
Phone: 605-730-1864

821 E Hwy. 44
Winner, SD 57580
Phone: 605-842-0252

Teena’s Kitchen
108 W First St
Colome, SD 57528
Phone: 605-842-2475

Winner Bakery
Owner: Randy Donovan
237 S Main St
Winner, SD 57580
Phone: 605-842-2472

We would like to thank everyone for coming out and shooting in the fierce wind. I think everyone had fun regardless. Result are posted click the 2021 results button in the blue box for this years results and photos have been posted on our Facebook Page ​

Thank You, Carmen for the pictures and help over the weekend.

For outdoor I could not find 2019 results or 2019 records & due to covid-19 there wasnt an event in 2020 so based of 2018 records none were broke. Same goes for the indoor events except we did have an event in 2021 but I did not see the results on neyac.

All competitors must have a current USA Archery membership. (  A free Temporary Membership is available to NFAA members.  (

​A list of lodging information and places to eat as well as links to our a list of businesses and things to do in Winner at the bottom as well.

Lodging & Accommodations

Antler Ridge Lodge
Owners: Steve & Donna Kubik
32755 264th St
Hamill, SD 57534
Phone: 605-842-3054

Dakota Inn
Joann Eli, Manager
501 S. Hwy. 18
Winner, SD 57580
Phone: 605-842-1440

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Norma Olson, Manager
PO Box 390
1360 E. Hwy. 44
Winner, SD 57580
Phone: 605-842-2255

Lazy J Grand Lodge
Owner: Cody Jorgensen, Bryan & Brenda Jorgensen
31725 266th St
Ideal, SD 57541
Phone: 800-548-2855

T-Bones Treehouse & RV Park
Owner: Tom Mathis
31525 US Hwy. 18
Winner, SD 57580
Phone: 605-842-0254

Tripp County Range Robins JOAD & Adult Archery Club

You will be broke into divisions based on whether you shoot a compound, recurve, basic compound, or barebow, your age and gender. 

Compound - Any compound that isn't considered to be in the Basic Compound division.

Recurve - Any recurve that ins't considered to be in the Barebow division.

Barebow - no sights & the riser/limbs must fit through a 10cm ring w/ all accessories attached.

Basic Compound - A bow where the draw is mechanically varied by a system of pulleys or cams with no draw stop. Maximum draw weight will be 20lbs. No sight, stabilizer, peep or kisser button, and shot only with fingers (glove, tab or bare fingers) are allowed. An arrow rest will be permitted.

You can read the complete rule book by clicking the green button on the right in the blue box.  

These are the main rules we will be checking for.

Max arrow diameter of 9.3mm

Name/initials on arrow shaft
Max draw weight of 60lbs

No electronics may be mounted on the bow or release aid. - This includes sight lights, watches, etc.

No camo clothing

SD USA Archery Outdoor State Rules

Use this to help you figure out your age division.

This sheet also tells you the size of target & distance you will be shooting for your division.

Junior Olympic archery development